EZ Firelogs is a local company making a unique product in New England. Originally known as Undillawood, a business that was started in 2007. Our goal was not only to greatly improve the performance of wood stoves and fireplaces with an alternative to cord wood but to improve our customers lives by making wood burning easy. This goal was achieved by creating an all wood compressed Giant Wood Pellet. Unadillawood, since the creation of this product has undergone many changes and improvements. Now with the name “EZ Firelogs“ we are looking forward to serving all your wood burning needs with this easy and amazing one of a kind EZ Firelog.


EZ Firelogs burn hotter and cleaner, are less costly to buy, and much easier to store and handle. They save all of the labor in storing, splitting, sawing and moving regular cord wood over and over again. Not to mention eliminating the mess from the bark, mold and bugs inherent in dealing with cord wood. They are widely used by many wood stove users in the USA and in Europe. EZ Firelogs is the only company in the country making this type of product. Our customers love EZ Firelogs and claim that once you have tried them you will never go back to having messy wood dumped into your driveway or yard.


EZ Firelogs deliver around 200% more heat for each pound than cord wood logs. They also have strong environmental credentials since they are made from premium waste wood produced as a by-product of wood-related businesses. Burning wood is considered a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuel because trees absorb carbon as they grow. Pellet stoves need motors, computers and electricity to run and if the supply or the power goes out so does your heat. That does not stand true with EZ Firelogs, If power supply is lost or delayed you can burn EZ Firelogs and you are not reliant on electricity to keep your house warm.


We take premium hand selected wood fiber and apply 40,000psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, and extrude briquettes. They are entirely natural no additives! The lignin molecules that are stored in the wood are then heated to 400 degrees under the pressure and bind the fibers together and Presto!!! A log is are created that has 3xs more energy than standard Cord Wood, 1/3 stove fill gives off as much heat as a full stove of regular firewood. There is no popping crackling or sizzling. They perform fantastically well in all wood-burners but excel in air tight stoves. No creosote and only 1% ash is a large benefit also. Three logs can last up to 3-4 hours in an air tight stove and all night when used properly. You will find they save a tremendous amount of carrying , stacking and trips outside compared to using conventional cord wood. Giving you much more time to sit and enjoy the cozy flame that EZ Firelogs create, clean your stove glass and relax the flames give a relaxing escape from everyday stresses...EZ Firelogs are soooo easy!


There really is no other product that performs like EZ Firelogs in firing up your Fireplace, Cook-oven, Woodstove and your Imagination!


Thank you for your on going support of a “Made Local Small Business.” It truly is a warming trend that seems to catching on. 100% Natural 100% Easy!


EZ- Firelogs are 100% wood and 100% Easy! How So?

50 bags 48x40x40 creates as much heat as full cord of wood.

No Bugs, bark, mess or stacking. Easy, Right!?

Try this made-in-New England product.

High Heat, 1% Ash, 100% Easy.

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EZ Firelog Loudon New Hampshire
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Clean & Green! Manufactured in Loudon, NH

EZ Firelog Loudon New Hampshire


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